Why Pick 5th Generations?

There are many different brands of “Asian” range hoods in the market for the consumer to select. Why do most consumers choose’s “Slanted” Fifth Generation range hood over others? Most other brands in the market were designed in Asia for the 2 small burner cook top typical in the Asian kitchen.  That type of traditional Asian design has a flat housing with a very small capture area covering only the two back burners.  
’s new “Slanted” Fifth Generation range hood offers an upward slanting 84 degree design. This upward slanting design, not only able to enlarge the coverage angle so that both two front burners and the rear burners are covered, it also allows for faster air flow providing more power and ultra quiet. 

1st Generation
Single motor, One opening
2nd Generation
(similar to what most other brands offer in the market)
Two motors, two openings, flat housing and capture angle. Designed for the Asia’s small 2 burners cook stove.
3rd Generation
Modified from the 2nd Generation by moving the fans forward. Result was unsuccessful. Still limited by the flat narrow cover angle, only able to cover half of the rear burners half of the front burners.
4st Generation
Attempting to cover the U.S. bigger 4 burners stove, 2 more openings is cut out on the bottom panel.  However, with still just the 2 motors, power is  significantly reduced because part of the power is disbursed to the two new cut out .


Slanted Design: provides larger capture angle for both the front and back buners, powerful, and low noise.
Slanted Housing: (Patented No. US 6216686)
base on the principle of AIRFLOW DYNAMIC, slanted housing produce a faster air flow for power and quiet. ( only 1/2 the noise level as other brands in the market)
Upward Slanting Grease Ring: 
84 degree upward slanting let grease flow faster into back collection cups without clog up.
Powerful: Super strong. Effective flow of air.
Quiet: Angled housing provides a smoother flow of air.
Superior Design & Craftsmanship: Elegant to fit into any kitchen decor.
Easy Cleaning: All inside parts can be easily removed for cleaning.